Frequently Asked Questions


How bright are they?

After charging, our prints are super bright for the first 5 mins and then this glow luminosity gradually diminishes over several hours.

In our product testing over several years, we found our products boasted the strongest lasting glow over the more commonly used photoluminescent graphic display media.

For instance, after 1hr, following full charge, our amazing glow in the dark prints can emit light at the rate of almost 15mcd/sqm depending on the particular print. In comparison, other similar graphic media commonly emit only 5 mcd/sqm at 60mins.

This makes our prints almost 3 times brighter, at 1 hr, as compared with other similar products!

Naturally, this makes a huge difference to the overall effects.

How long do they need to fully charge?

This depends on the strength of the light source used, but generally it takes only about 5 minutes of light exposure to activate the glow effects.

Generally speaking, the more light exposure the brighter the glow effects observed.

Do I need to plug into a powerpoint?

No. The prints are photo-luminescent which means they are passively charged by ambient or an external light source.

The display is non electric and so has no leads or cords to connect.

See notes above regarding lighting and ways to enhance the glow effects.

What makes them so special?

We have searched far and wide to make our glow prints SUPER BRIGHT with a long lasting glow!

Where other glow-in-the-dark products tend to produce a generalised, greenish homogenous luminescence, our patent pending design targets activation of the glow sheet and creates super bright, multicoloured highlights, stunning accents and high contrast glow effects!

Turn off the lights, and our glow is vivid and dramatic!

Can I get the artwork installed?

Our prints include frame and delivery to you.

Our frame partner Fantastic Framing offers installation to clients located in major capital cities. Contact them directly to discuss your particular requirements:

 How accurate is my moon print?

We use software to identify the MOON PHASE on your nominated date. The precise stage of the synodic 29.5 day month is identified and correlated with the MOON PHASE representations published by NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio. 

We use the formula to identify & print the corresponding representation for your special day. The axis of the MOON PHASE is adjusted to reflect a viewer's perspective from either the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.

NOTE: This project is not endorsed by or affiliated with NASA, ESA, or any other space agency.

How accurate is my sky mural?

Sky Mural commissions are an artist's impression of the night sky at a particular location & time. The skyscapes incorporate moon phase representations published by NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio. Constellation imagery is generated by Stellarium software which incorporates actual star data published by the European Space Agency (Hipparcos & Tyco Star Catalogues) -

Our Sky Mural templates feature pre selected horizon line silhouettes (in a 360 degree circular plan view) that work exceptionally well to display the stars on your special night. You can create these in minutes using online creator tool.

The stars are extracted from published star data.

How accurate is my star chart?

As with our Sky Mural templates, our star charts incorporate actual published star data.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

We do not offer refunds for change of mind.

Please consider your purchase carefully before making your purchase.

Please refer to our store policies section 4 of our terms of service:

What if there is a problem with my print?

We take great care to produce our work and endeavour to achieve client satisfaction.

We fully comply with Australian consumer law.

Please refer to section 4 of our terms of service:

Please contact us immediately in the event you are have any concerns.

Note: The products are a novelty print item, are non-archival quality, are produced with promotional commercial grade graphic media and have a limited life cycle subject to variables outside our control (7.1.3). Accordingly, we do not offer any warranty or guarantee our products or services except as extended under applicable Australian consumer law.

There are some lines on the print when I look close up, is this normal?

Yes. The advanced print method used to produce the works may create slight lines/banding that can be observed at close range. The industry-standard correct viewing distance is the diagonal measurement of the finished display, multiplied by a factor of two. If there are no visible issues from this distance then the product is acceptable.


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