REFLECTION by Biripi Creator Michael Scarrott

Mirriiyn is the Gathang word for star, Makkur for fish. So it follows this creature could be described as a Mirriiyn Makurr, or Star Fish.  

Star Fish, or Sea Stars, generally have 5 arms or more (hence the star reference) they are highly adaptable and live on the ocean floor throughout the world in both deep and shallow waters. 
There are over 1900 species, they are found in a range of colours + sizes and it has been reported some can live for more than 30 years. They pump water internally to move and use suction cups under their star like arms to manoeuvre and prey on shellfish and corals.
These marine animals are so adaptable, some can regrow their entire body from just an arm. 
They have evolved to be toxic to humans and other predators, and some grow spines for extra external protection. 
Their adaptation comes with limits however, it is impossible for them to survive in fresh water, they must maintain an internal electrolyte balance in equilibrium with the sea. 
To me this creature is a symbol of self healing and perpetual growth. The sea star shows us that an understanding of your own personal limits can be critical to your health and survival and adaptability is key to moving forward and finding your own path in any situation no matter how harsh the environment. 
Michael Scarrott 


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