Vibrant Jellyfish

REFLECTION by Biripi Creator Michael Scarrott

In Gathang Jellyfish can be described as Makurr yurra-damay, which means cloud like fish.

Jellyfish are the oldest multicellular animals on the planet and have existed for over 500 million years. They're found across the globe in deep and shallow waters. 

Gelatinous like, their bell shape body pulsates to propel them forward in the water with their trailing tentacles used to capture prey. Some have evolved stinging cells to protect against predators. They flourish by being a part of a community and enjoy safety in numbers. 

While Jellyfish do not have ‘brains’, they use highly effective techniques to consistently harness the food resources available and in doing so have long ago secured their place in the food web and are arguably the most successful ocean creatures of all time. 

Extraordinarily, some species have now evolved an ability to self replicate and regulate their populations, making them effectively immortal. 

To me Jellyfish, as with the Manta, show us that community and the simple things in life are to be well appreciated. It is upon foundations that we rely when we grow and build our lives. Jellyfish teach us that great achievements are possible when we appreciate and value each other including ourselves. 

Interestingly, bioluminescence is found in many creatures living in the ocean including Jellyfish. They often use the light as a lure to attract prey. Recent studies suggest Jellyfish evolved bioluminescence after ingesting bioluminescent creatures from their environment. 

Michael Scarrott


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