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Super bright, multi-coloured, absolutely AMAZING high contrast GLOW in the dark wall prints! 

Glow Sky Media Pty Ltd will premiere its inspiring OCEAN SERIES ('Girambit', Saltwater) open edition glow print collection, showcasing stunning images of the deep blue, courtesy of Adobe, to align precisely with this year's Biodiversity MonthNational Threatened Species Day

In response to the postponement of the National Indigenous Art Fair 2021, Glow Sky Media Pty Ltd has built an interactive, 3D virtual exhibition for the OCEAN SERIES, and will make access freely available to the public through September 2021

The new online exhibition showcases the magic and wonder of the sea and aims to inspire its preservation for future generations.

Walk through the virtual gallery from the comfort of your own home, read about the ocean's creatures, their habitat, and the sea's rich diversity, and learn some traditional Gathang language names. 

Glow prints will be released online over the month, with a special unveiling on 7th September 2021 to mark National Threatened Species Day

Read more about the inspiration for the series below.

Access the OCEAN SERIES virtual exhibition via the Glow Sky Media website here:

Glow Sky Media Pty Ltd was founded in late 2019 by Biripi multidisciplinary creator Michael Scarrott. The company is 100% Indigenous owned and Supply Nation registered.

Glow prints are delivered fully framed ready to hang after the exhibition and will include digital Certificate of Authenticity.

If you are a nature lover looking for a unique wall piece that’s sure to turn heads, support a 100% Indigenous owned company & order a stunning glow print via the online gallery portal.

The glow prints are produced in Australia by leading professional print house Prolab using advanced patented techniques. For larger works, hanging services are available in major capital cities, thanks to our awesome frame partner, Fantastic Framing.

Licensing opportunities are available for national and international markets. 

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Finally, a big thanks to all of our project supporters including our Kickstarter supporters, NSW Indigenous Chamber of Commerce, CreativePlusBusiness, Arts Law and NSW Business Connect. 

This project has been years in the making, I’m so grateful to share my passion for new ideas, art, innovation and love of nature. 



REFLECTION ON THE OCEAN SERIES -   by Biripi Creator Michael Scarrott

I have always been drawn to the sea.

As a kid growing up in Western Sydney, the ocean was a distant concept, mysterious and exciting. The sea creatures seemed so magical, unreal, and surprising. It was also kind of scary. The deep sea seemed so vast... full of the unknown, small, large and unusual characters, all of whom had somehow come to call the watery realm home.  

As a young adult, my fascination with the sea drew me to apply to study marine science at Sydney University. I was thrilled to be offered a place but soon after this my dear Mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and I spent several years caring for her before she passed. I deferred my marine studies and never did return to them. 

It was after my Biripi grandmother passed away in 2015 that I felt a strong pull to connect with nature again, as a way of nurturing my spirit.

This journey led me to explore various art forms as a kind of journal of my experiences with nature. I found this to be profoundly healing and a source of strength.

The OCEAN SERIES is a material expression of my life long love and admiration of the deep blue.

There are just so many fascinating creatures and systems to behold, it is simply impossible to cover them all. The collection offers only the briefest glimpse of the wonders that reside there. 

What is clear to me though, is that we are all connected and part of the web of life on planet Earth and now more than ever our mother deserves our deepest respect, reverence and protection.

We are blessed to have inherited a rich, unique ecology, nurtured over tens of thousands of years of custodianship. Many creatures found here exist nowhere else on Earth. Some are featured in this series. It's up to us to ensure they are not forgotten, and for our nation's leaders to acknowledge the unfolding crisis and work with our communities to restore balance in our environment not only for all Australians but for the world. 

I'm super excited to share some Gathang language in the reflections I've written for each creature. Sincere thanks to my Aunty Sue Syron, Uncle Brian Scarrott and cousin's Jay Davis and and Benn Saunders, for help with this. I intend to build the OCEAN SERIES over future years, so that the series will become a kind of catalogue that serves to honour and pay respect to the wonderful diversity of our ocean systems, our Country. 

I truly hope the OCEAN SERIES captures your imagination in the same way mine was captured all those years ago, igniting a similar passion and call for the protection of the natural world of which we are inextricably a part, for the benefit of our future generations and all life.

As custodians of this world, I believe this may be both our single most important responsibility and pathway to lasting happiness. 


Marrungbu, thank you.

Michael Scarrott

Biripi Creative Producer 

Director Glow Sky Media Pty Ltd


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